From Toy Poodle to Great Dane we have runs for every size dog.

Our runs start at 6ft X 12ft (for small dogs) and go up depending on the size of your dog. The runs are plenty large enough to have your pets together (maximum of 3 per run). Your dogs will not be put with those belonging to other people.

All runs have full roofs and wire under the gravel flooring. Shade cloth in the summer (as well as kiddie pools) help keep your dog cool and tarps in the winter keep out the cold winds. Each run has an insulated dog house.

Dogs like to have something that smells like home, toys or blankets (no fiberfill please) help make your dog feel more comfortable while it is visiting us.

Elderly or special needs pets, we deal with special diets, medications (including insulin injections) and pets with limited mobility. We also love to have puppies stay with us.

Board rates depend on the size (weight) of your pet. For more information or to visit the kennel call us at (661)728-1596.